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The CAR in Salzburg

The CAR-shaped house project in Salzburg / Gnigl is regarded as the original planning idea of ​​the city architect Voglreiter, with the work being implemented by a regional timber construction company.

The CAR house in Salzburg was planned at the edge of a nature reserve as a multi-generation house by city architect Voglreiter. The focus was therefore on the following ideas:

1. Connection of a corner terraced house from the 1970s with structure in the form of a car (wooden construction)

2. Multi-generation house with separation of children. By closing a wall breakthrough, 2 individual  apartments for children      and a separate generous section for parents were created.

3. A 3-litre energy-efficient home through optimal use of then existing possibilities of heat processing - “3-litre car home”        (this proposal was, however, ultimately not realized by the timber construction company)

4.  Use of highly expensive building land in the central part of ​​Salzburg according to relevant building laws

5.  Exceptional architecture with a unique idea

6.  Fast wooden construction

​After over 5 years of comfortable and happy test living in the wooden CAR-shaped home on Lerchenstraße in Salzburg, the home was acquired by the Hrazdira family (see the video below).

Due to huge public interest in the idea of a CAR-shaped residence, the city architect Voglreiter decided not just to plan another CAR project, but also to implement it with his own construction company, thereby creating The CAR.DAS AUTO in Obertrum am See.

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